New PurePulse Testanlage bietet schnellen Einblick in Vorteile für Produzenten

    In a modern food grade room, Cool Wave Processing, has installed a new unit for PurePulse testing.

    The pilot plant has a capacity of 100 – 300 liter per hour. Samples can be filled in bottles, as well as in 1 – 5 liter bags under aseptic conditions.

    A wide range of process parameters can be used, allowing many applications to be tested.

    The unit is suitable for all pumpable products with particles smaller than 2 mm. Because the entire unit is food grade, the end products are used for both shelf life and flavor tests.

    In this way producers will get a clear picture of the benefits that this mild preservation technology has to offer without having to make large investments in advance.

    Contact Frank Smeltink for more information