Lebensmittelsicherheit rohe Säfte mit PurePulse garantiert

    Press release, 2 july 2013

    Raw juices, also called detox- and cleansing juices, are increasing popular. Recent pilot tests show that PurePulse, a mild conservation technique, can play an important role in guaranteeing the food safety of these juices.

    Raw juices do not contain additives and are not treated with heat or other preservation methods to maintain their purity. This often results in a high level of microorganisms in the juice. Treatment with PurePulse makes it possible to eliminate the pathogens while maintaining the healthy nutrients that these raw juices contain.


    These healthy juices, also called detox or cleansing juices, are often made from vegetables and fruits that contain a high level of chlorophyll. Products like celery, spinach, lettuce, parsley, but also beetroot and carrot. These vegetables have in common that they grow in or near the ground as a result of which they are in contact with the soil that contains the harmful bacteria. They often can not be peeled as well, making it difficult to remove the bacteria through normal cleaning with water. A treatment with PurePulse does however eliminate them.


    Frank Smeltink from CoolWave Processing, situated in the Netherlands, the company behind PurePulse: “During testing it turned out that the level of potential pathogens in the untreated products was disturbingly high. After treatment with PurePulse they were however all eliminated.” Another advantage is that during treatment there is only a minimal deactivation of the enzymes, which are important for the health benefits of these juices.

    Food safety

    Food safety is always important. Especially with products that are making healthy related claims. A treatment with a mild (cold) preservation method like PurePulse therefore seems the only safe way to produce raw juices.