Natürliche frische Obst-und Gemüsepüree mit langer Haltbarkeit

    PurePulse has always been associated with juices. Until now. Test results show that this innovative technology can also treat very well fruit and vegetable purees. The fresh flavour and colour are perfectly maintained and there is no need for additives. This makes it possible for food manufacturers and catering to use readymade natural fruit and vegetable purees with the quality of freshly produced.

    The need for fresh and natural products that are tastier and healthier is growing. This is reflected in the growth of the fresh juice industry, and is also spreading to other product groups such as fruit and vegetable purees. Fruit puree is used in for example ice cream, desserts and smoothies and cocktails. Vegetable puree is widely used in catering and foodservice as a basis for (cold) sauces and soups.

    Cost effective

    Users of purees prepare either fresh purees themselves or buy them as a readymade product. Readymade fresh puree treated with PurePulse is 100% natural and just as tasty and healthy as freshly produced puree. Making your own is therefor no longer necessary, which can save a lot in time and therefore costs. Moreover, it shows improvement in the quality and convenience compared to the current range of readymade purees.

    Natural and sustainable

    Fruit and vegetable puree treated with PurePulse is tastier and healthier than puree that is heated. It also has a fresher taste and is more sustainable than frozen puree. Heating breaks down the fresh taste and colour. Most of the time a binding agent is added, because the enzymes, like pectin, which naturally has binding properties, are lost during the process. The disadvantage of frozen puree, is that the distribution of frozen food is expensive and less sustainable, and there is also the possibility that flavour will be lost.

    Fresh quality, long shelf life

    The mild preservation method only deactivates the spoilage microorganisms. After the treatment the puree has a refrigerated shelf life of at least 4 weeks. The product retains the fresh properties such as taste and colour and additional additives are not necessary. The application of PurePulse makes it very interesting for fruit and vegetable processors to produce fresh and natural purees. This way it is possible for them to respond to the needs of food manufacturers and caterers for more convenience and better taste.