Das profitable Alternative für HPP

    Since the rise of healthy and raw juices the mild preservation method HPP (High Pressure Preservation) is increasingly used in the juices industry. Since three years a new mild preservation method, PurePulse is on the market. It is the milder version of the original PEF (Pulsed Electric Field) technology, also called PEF 2.0. Both HPP and PurePulse technologies provide excellent tasty (raw) food products with extended shelf life. However, business wise PurePulse is much more profitable.

    The PurePulse technology is a continuous flow process that enables juice producers to treat high volumes at a much lower cost per liter compared to HPP. The multiple handling that HPP requires for refrigerated foods is a cost disadvantage that can only be overcome by high-margin products.

    Cool Wave Processing has calculated the advantages of PurePulse for juice producers based on 2 years of experience with commercial customers. For large-scale producers the initial investment costs are 4 times lower for a PurePulse system than for a HPP system. The costs per liter are 8 to 10 times lower than for HPP.

    PurePulse finally makes it possible to apply mild preservation technique in a profitable manner, and on a large industrial scale. HPP will probably remain the standard for small batches, tolling and ‘solid’ food products like meat and ready-to-eat meals. But PurePulse will be the next standard in large continuous liquid food production.