Did you know there is loads of (free) information on PEF 2.0?

    During the development of PEF 2.0 we have collected a lot of information on the technology. And we still are. This helps us in making the story on the technology stronger, and convince future users of the potential of the technology. In order to help you with the orientation on the technology and its benefits, we have launched different platforms where we share the information we have.

    On our Slideshare you can find various reports on consumers perception, FDA requirements, the effect of pH and temperature during PEF treatment on micro organisms, quality changes in PEF treated juices during storage and so on.

    On our Pinterest board we share a lot of inspirational content, such as pictures of products that are treated with PurePulse, movies and presentations about the technology and its applications.

    The wiki page of PurePulse provides extended information about the possible applications of PurePulse on food products. Here you can learn everything about how it works, what the parameters are, the benefits of course and the costs.

    If you have a question on which you cannot find the answer on these pages, or you just want to have a conversation about PurePulse and your production process, do not hesitate to . We are here to help you.