PurePulse now also available for small-scale production

    Cool Wave Processing introduces a new, smaller-scale version of the PurePulse system: the PurePulse 350L system, with a throughput of 350 liters per hour. Because the system is smaller, the investment is also lower. This makes the technology more accessible for small-scale producers.

    Pure Pulse is a mild preservation technology that treats liquids with electrical pulses, instead of heat for a longer shelf life. This gives fresh juices, sauces, or milk at least one-month shelf life without loss of micronutrients, flavor, color or aroma.

    Cool Wave Processing received many requests for a small (temporary) integrated production line. Until now, the smallest PurePulse system had a throughput of 600 liters per hour and producers needed to provide the supply of hot and cold water, cleaning tanks and the filling system themselves. The new system is fully integrated; the only thing that needs to be provided is electricity, water and sufficient space.

    Cool Wave Processing also gives the opportunity to buy back the system when the producer switches to a larger system of 600, 1,250 or 2,000 liters per hour. Wouter de Heij, director of Cool Wave Processing: “Implementing a new preservation method remains a challenge for many producers. With this entry-level model, we lower the threshold. Fresh, natural and a long shelf life will remain an important issue for the industry. By starting small and then being able to scale up, the risk for producers is limited. In addition, the PurePulse system is 3 to 4 times cheaper in investment costs compared to the entry level of the HPP technology.”

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