Why choose PurePulse?

Why should you choose to use PurePulse?

  • Growing consumer demand
  • Optimally preserving all the goodness
  • Adding a new dimension to your sales market
  • Enlarging shelf life of “true fresh products”

Consumers are demanding goodness

Consumers are placing growing importance on health, quality and convenience – and products that combine all three of these factors are enjoying unprecedented success. Thanks to PurePulse, there is now a way to extend the shelf life of fresh juices while preserving all their flavour and goodness.

Longer shelf life equals extra profit

PurePulse produces fresh juices using a mild preservation treatment. Spoilage bacteria, yeasts and moulds are destroyed without any loss of flavour, colour, aroma or vitamins whatsoever. That’s good news for consumers, since it means the availability of safe and fresh fruit juice. And it’s also good news for retailers: with food and drink waste representing one of the retail industry’s major cost factors, an extra day of shelf life is worth its weight in gold. So just think how much extra profit a fresh product with a 21-day shelf life can generate!

Putting 460 million potential consumers within your reach

Preservation using PurePulse quite literally adds a new dimension to your sales market. Whereas fresh juice sales have so far been restricted to within a radius of around 200 kilometres, PurePulse enables you to increase your potential sales region to include customers up to 1,500 kilometres away. In other words, it expands your potential market from 30 million to a staggering 460 million consumers. Backed by figures like these, the business case for producing fresh juice just became a whole lot more interesting.

Just “freshly squeezed”?

Giving fresh juices a 21 day shelf life, maintaining the freshly squeezed character is probably one of the most “thrilling achievements” of PurePulse, it surely isn’t the only one.

At more intensive conditions, PurePulse can reach cell reductions, compared to high thermal preservation temperatures. As the temperatures reached under very intensive PurePulse treatments are still much lower and the time in the chamber is still not more than a few tenths of a second, products that require extended shelf life’s can improve dramatically in quality.

Applications in other liquid foods are not yet rolled out on a commercial basis, but some of them surely are not far away from a production scale introduction.